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News: 7th December 2015

News: 7th December 2015

Just thought I’d show off some of the trophy’s I’ve won over the years.

Not enough room on the shelf…so Mick is putting up another. (Yeah! Yeah! You know what they say about ‘if you’ve got it-flaunt it!’)


Just arrived from America

(I’m fed up with ‘New Formula’ Epoxy being so useless …decided to use this again!)

August 2014!

Used on several sets of points…It seems to work OK.

Haven’t had any back…yet!

Lft. Colonel Jack Churchill’s Longbow. Used in WW11 which we took to the Antiques Roadshow.

Mick at the Antiques Roadshow

Mick’s Car !

Although absolutely nothing to do with archery…I had to put up some photo’s of Mick’s single seat road (NOT a racing) car that he has just finished making.

He started it about 10 years ago, but due to bowel cancer (now in remission); a new hip; a broken tendon in his left foot and weeks in hospital with pneumonia and blood-clots; its been a long time in the making.

He has made all of it including the moulds for the bodywork. The frame; the wishbones  (whatever they are!); And all the stuff that needed welding; plus most of the wiring which he hated doing!

Now, although still on crutches most of the time, He’s building a Trike and wants to build a Tiger Moth aeroplane. So for his 80th Birthday I got him flying lessons!

To say I’m a proud wifey is an understatement!!

SMUG I think !!!

Last year half my roof had new rafters and was re-tiled, causing a ‘orrible mess inside my workshop.

About 2 months ago I was told the rest of the roof would be re-tiled, (Doesn’t need rafters thank goodness!) and a friend from our archery club volunteered to help insulate and line inside, to stop all the rubbish being dropped in like last time…..

At last!

After several months I’ve managed to make loads of leather stuff, including catching up with the back-log.

Lots of belts and armguards and even made some bowbags.

I think we’re making a pretty good job of it!