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News:27th July 2022

Just thought I’d show off some of the trophy’s I’ve won over the years.

Not enough room on the shelf…so Mick is putting up another!

(Yeah! Yeah! You know what they say about ‘if you’ve got it-flaunt it!’)

Mick at the Antiques Roadshow

Mick’s Car !

Although absolutely nothing to do with archery…I had to put up some photo’s of Mick’s single seat road (NOT a racing) car that he has just finished making.

He started it about 10 years ago, but due to bowel cancer (now in remission); a new hip; a broken tendon in his left foot and weeks in hospital with pneumonia and blood-clots; its been a long time in the making.

He has made all of it including the moulds for the bodywork. The frame; the wishbones  (whatever they are!); And all the stuff that needed welding; plus most of the wiring which he hated doing!

Now, although still on crutches most of the time, He’s building a Trike and wants to build a Tiger Moth airplane. So for his 80th Birthday I got him flying lessons!

To say I’m a proud wifey is an understatement!!

SMUG I think !!!

Can’t quite believe it myself…but I’ve made it to 40 years of running Carol Archery

I started on 8th August 1982 with 10,000 Port Orford Cedar arrow shafts and nothing else. Gradually adding more and more equipment over the years and then starting the arrow matching for those struggling to get the right ones.

Although I’d always taught Longbow, at an evening class in a scout hall, I started teaching more and more at my work shop and now it’s half of all I do.

As with most long-running businesses, I’ve had the usual ups and downs, with both parents and Mick all ill at the same time from 1999 to 2009.

Then, just I was looking forward to retiring, the age was upped from 60 to 66 and 10 months…with absolutely no warning from the Government or any of it’s offices.

Ah well! Still here then!

Then Covid 19.

Two years of sort of being retired…only to have to start again after using all my savings to keep the workshop running. Thank goodness for the Carol Tri Jig…sold loads of them to America during lock-down, and helped to keep us going.

So, still got a couple of years to go…and probably more if you lot have any say in it. Lol!

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Lft. Colonel Jack Churchill’s Longbow. Used in WW11 which we took to the Antiques Roadshow.

Due to Mick not going out during this ‘lockdown’, he’s started doing his ‘Roses and Castles’canal painting again.

It’s ages since he did any, but he hasn’t lost his touch.

He’s painted LOADS since March. Loads of souls sending him stuff to do. Keeps him quiet in the evenings!



Yogi stopping me working and Titch…….mmmm!

They aren’t really mine….they just think they are lol!

May 2022 and just back from the National Field Archery Society 3d Championships, which were held in Nottinghamshire.

Came 3rd which I’m really chuffed about, as haven’t shot that well for a while.

Had to shoot a new bow as my old faithful one had no string. (Didn’t take enough care of it…oops!)

Shot OK on Sat with 512…but Sun was great with 626 Yeehaaaaa! Lol!

Lockdown jobs…building a roof on the range to keep you lot dry and safe. And redesigning the range with raised beds alongside the shooting lane.

The Ash tree has now been taken down (and used on the log burner as it was so huge it took all the water and light from the range. Good job, as it was rotten inside.