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Carol Archery         



Scandinavian Scots Pine    5/16’’ 20-25, 25-30, 30-35, 35-40, 40-45, 45-50 spine              32''    £31.80 per doz.

By Boyton Archery           11/32'' 40-45, 45-50, 50-55, 55-60, 60-65, 65-70, 70-80 spine   32''    £31.80 per doz.

                                         23/64'' 50-55, 55-60, 60-65, 65-70, 70-80 spine                       32''    £31.80 per doz.

                                         1/4'' & 9/32'' 10 + spine for low poundage bows                       28''    £31.80 per doz.

                          Shafts cut to length and tapered for nocks and piles                     £6.00 extra per doz.

             Shafts spine matched add £7.20 per doz. Shafts weight matched add £15.00 per doz.  Both: add £22.20

                          Tapered shafts, some in stock                                     Add £15.00 per doz.

                         Barreled shafts, Out of stock                                        Add £21.00 per doz.

BOLTS                               16”  with tapered nock ends 5/16. 11/32 and 23/64.……..………….£26.40 per doz.

ASH/POPLAR SHAFTS      13/32'' for Longbow Society 'Standard' arrows          33''                  £ each.

for MEDIǼVAL                   13/32” Tapered to 11/32”                                        33''                 £ each.

By Boyton Archer y             13/32” Barreled to 11/32” (To order only)                  33''                  £ each.

                                         ½” Poplar                                                             33''                  £ each.

                                         ½” Tapered to 3/8”                                                 33''                  £ each.

                                         Horn insert and self nock in any of above                     Add            £ each.

                                         Extra-long ½” Ash (36” approx.) when available                                 £ each

                                                 All medieval sized shafts now out of stock until further notice.

‘PRIMITVE’ SHAFTS          Premium shaft, self-nocked, supplied with leather for insert  £7.00 each.

FEATHERS  Colours: Black, grey, white, red, orange, yellow, blue, pink, purple, chartreaux, bronze, green

RIGHT-WING PARABOLIC        2½''                                                        £3.50 per doz.

And RIGHT WING SHIELD       3'' Colours as above.                                £4.50 per doz

                                                3½'' [parabolic only]Colours as above.       £4.95 per doz

                                                4'' Colours as above.                                £6.25 per doz

                                                5'' colours as above plus bronze.               £6.95 per doz

                                                5'' Dyed grey barred.                               £13.50 per doz

                                               5½” white, grey                                         £7.50 per doz

                                               5¾” Maxi fletch. White, grey                      £7.95 per doz

             Flight feathers cut to order.         1½''    £3.00 per doz.              2'   £3.50 per doz

RIGHT-WING FULL-LENGTH Colours: colours as above. .80p each.  [F]

 Dyed grey barred. £1.50 each. [F]

 Stripped ready to make spiral flu-flus or medieavals .add 20pence


BRASS POINTS                 Parallel fit: 1/4'', 23g & 63g.                                      £9.24 per doz

                                         Taper fit: 9/32'' in 23g, 63g, 100g & 125g                    £9.24 per doz

                                         Taper fit 5/16'' in 63g, 100g, & 125g                           £9.24 per doz

                                         Taper fit11/32'' in 100g & 125g                                   £9.24 per doz

STEEL MODKIN POINTS   All sizes plus 80g except 20g 1/4” and 125g 9/32”       £9.24 per doz.

STEEL FIELD POINTS       Screw on 5/16 100g and 11/32 125g…………………….£11.40 per doz

STEEL FIELD BLUNTS      5/16'' & 11/32'' £9.24 per doz.

RUBBER BLUNTS             Small fits 1/4” & 9/32”. Large fits 5/16'', 11/32'' & 23/64”  (out of stock)

MEDIÆVAL HEADS           Hand-forged bodkins available to order.                   From £11.50 each

                                         Hand-forged broadheads available to order            . From £14.50 each


Z NOCKS (by AAE)             1/4'', 9/32'',  5/16'', & 11/32''                  £1.99 per doz.

                    Colours: Black, white, & yellow plus fluorescent red, orange, green, pink,& blue

                                      23/64” White                                       £1.99 per doz


 ‘NEW’   CAROL TRI-JIG    Takes up to 5½’’ fletchings.                                    Straight. £74.00  

                                         or with left or right ‘off-set’                                                    £80.00

                                         Extra long for up to 9’’ mediæval fletchings.              Straight  £84.00  

                                         Set of straight clamps for small jig                                        £37.50

                                         Set of ‘offset’ clamps for small jig                                          £43.50

                                         Set of straight clamps for long jig                                          £45.00



TAPER TOOL                    Bear Paw..Pencil sharpener type. 5/16’’, 11/32’’ & 23/64   (excellent) £5.00  

H.M.G. ADHESIVE            For nocks and feathers..                   £3.50  

FERR-L-TITE                     For piles/points.             Small stick. £3.50  

EPOXY ADHESIVE           For piles/points.  Gorilla Glue             £7.99  

READY MADE ARROWS       PLAIN Premium shafts, 4 coats of acrylic varnish, Z nocks plus piles

                                         11/2’’ to 31/2’’ fletchings.                                                £125.00 per doz.

                                         4’’ fletchings                                                                  £130.00 per doz.

                                         5’’ fletchings                                                                  £135.00 per doz.

                                         5½” fletchings                                                                £138.00 per doz.

                                         5¾” Maxi Fletch                                                             £143.00 per doz.

DIPPED AND CRESTED      Premium shafts, white shaftment, Z nocks, personal cresting plus piles

                                         1½ to 3½’ fletchings                                                       £198.00 per doz.

                                         4’’ fletchings.                                                                 £203.00 per doz.

                                         5’’ fletchings.                                                                 £204.00 per doz.

                                         5½” fletchings                                                                £205.00 per doz.

                                         5¾” Maxi Fletch                                                             £207.00 per doz.

MEDIÆVAL ARROWS Style 1: Self nocked whipped on fletchings up to 6”, with target piles/points. £19.70 each.

                                  Style 2: Horn insert, whipped on fletchings up to 6'', with target piles/points £27.70 each.


SELF NOCKED           For the traditional archer. Nock bound with ‘sinew’ or leather and thread £16.70 each


‘STANDARD’ ARROWS Horn inset and 6’ - 8''’ whipped on fletchings. (Bodkins/broadheads extra) £46.70 each.

                           I still have some of these in-stock for trophy’s.

FLU-FLU ARROWS            Spiral fletch, with rubber blunt. (No blunts in stock)           £10.00 each.

                                         6 straight fletchings                                                        £13.00 each.

EXTRAS Cresting plain arrows. Add £60.00 per doz.

 Dyed barred fletchings, per dozen arrows add: Add £17.00 per doz.


LONGBOWS by                 Works of Art in several different wood laminations:

Paul Reed

Hilary Greenland &              Bamboo or hickory backed longbows                                    From  £550.00  

Darren Ball                         Primitive bows to order only                                                  From  £550.00


‘HORSE BOWS’                 Only a couple left please ring for details

by Bearpaw

STARTER BOWS         Wooden handled take-down bows available from 20lb to 34lb          From £75.00  

  excellent value            Spare limbs                                                                                        £46.00 per pair

                                   Children’s takedowns                                                                  From £65.00

                                   Spare limbs                                                                                        £36.00 per pair

TRADITIONAL              Made by hand by Mick. See bow page                                         From £520

CROSSBOWS             No sights and shot with wood bolts and feather fletch

REFURBISHING    Most wooden bows re-varnished       From  £100.00

 New braid handles                                                               £20.50

 New leather handles                                                   From  £25.00

 Re-shaping with cork before fitting braid                                       Add  £15.50

 Re-shaping with cork before fitting leather                                    Add  £15.50


 New string serving (please remove old serving)                         £5.00

 Nocking points fitted (dental floss)                                           £2.00

BOW MATERIALS (when available)

STAVES Ready laminated Lemonwood with Hickory or  bamboo……….                    £

              Plus taper drilled horn to make your own nocks and a tillering string.           

NOCKS Ready drilled horn for longbow nocks, to shape yourself.                                            £

STRINGS Dacron strings. Open-ended with ‘Laid In’ top loop                                                 £20.00 each  

 Extra-long open-ended string for tillering                                                                              £25.00 each  

 Dacron strings with double ‘Laid In’ loops                                                                            £25.00 each

 Dynema D75 strings with double laid in loops                                                                      £30.00 each

 Re-serve strings. (Please remove old serving)                                                                       £5.00 each

HANDLE BRAID     Various colours                                                                                      £8.00 per meter

HANDLE LEATHER    Dark brown, mid brown and tan                                                          £12.00 per strip


TRADITIONAL REST                    Self-adhesive leather plate and backing             £6.00  

BOW TIP PROTECTOR               Fits most recurves and flatbows                        £3.50  

ARROW PULLER                        Good grip                                                       £     out of stock         

BRUSH BUTTONS                       String silencers                                              £3.00  

WHISKER SILENCERS                Also known as ‘spiders’                                  £3.00  

BEAVER BALLS                          winds into string, works well as a silencer (out of stock)  £  

DACRON                            For bow-strings. Black or white. Waxed 4oz. spool per spool           £10.75  

                                         Red, yellow, blue, three greens, brown, off white, orange

SERVING THREAD             Black, red, brown, green   dynema…very nice!                                £17.50

DENTAL FLOSS                 White                                                                                          £2.50  

BEES-WAX                        English with pine resin. Easy yo use                                 Per cob  £5.00

BOW STRINGER                Saddle-and-pouch type. For recurve bows and flatbows   ………….. £15.00  

BOW STRINGER                Single pouch with loop at top, for longbows………………………       £10.50  

STRING KEEPER Keeps string on bow when bow unstrung. Leather pocket & thong                   £7.50  

MARTIN DEERSKIN GLOVE       L/H or R/H. Sizes, S, M, L & XL   (out of stock)                      £

LEATHER GLOVE                      S, M, L, XL, XXL   (out of stock)                                            £

                                                 XS & XXS for kids and small ladies   (out of stock)                  £

SINGLE SEAM GLOVE              L/H or R/H. Sizes XS, S, M, L & XL.                                      £23.00  

LEATHER TAB                          Single thickness, no divider. L/H or R/H. XS, S, M, L & XL          £5.00  

DOUBLE LEATHER TAB            L/H or R/H. XS, S, M, L & XL                                                   £5.00  

DOUBLE HAIR TAB                   L/H or R/H. S, M & L                                                               £7.00  

SEPARATOR TAB                     L/H or R/H. S, M, L & XL                                                         £8.95  


ETHAFOAM BOSSES     1000cm x 2700mm x 200mm (4’x  9’ 3” x 8”) ideal for 2Ds and back-stops   £295.00  

Black closed cell             4’ x 3’ x 8”                                                                                                 £99.00


MARTIN TARGET FACES   Large: Deer (six types), Mountain Sheep, Javalina, Bear.                          £3.40 each.

Animal photographs             Medium: Fox, Turkey.                                                                            £2.95 each

                                          Raccoon, Ground Squirrel.                                                                     £2.95 each


                            FIELD ARCHERY FOR ALL or Field Archery Wot’sThat?  by Dolly Edwards    £3.00  

                            A hilarious short story of a first field shoot

                            TRADITIONAL ARCHERS HANDBOOK by Hilary Greenland                          £15.00  

                            A must for all making their own arrows and bows.

                           OF BOWMEN AND BATTLES by Hugh Soar                                                 £11.99

                           TOXOPHILUS by Roger Ascham                                                                   £16.00

                           THE HERITAGE OF THE LONGBOW by Pip Bickerstaffe.                               £15.00  

                           ARCHAEOLOGY OF ARCHERY by A. W. Webb (out of stock)                         £5.95  

                          THE CALORIE FALLACY by Barry Groves                                                        £6.99  

DVD              UK DEFENCE ACADEMY LONGBOW TESTS. Series 1                           £18.50

 A must for ‘scholars’, this DVD shows how the heavy bow really works.

 Showing excellent slow motion film, this work is for reference and is not a ‘Hollywood’ film!


                                                                                                     PLAIN                 CARVED                                     


                                    Back, With buckled strap. Left or right hand     £120.00             From £200.00  

                                    Straight side                                                  £120.00              From £200.00  

                                    Angled side                                                   £120.00              From £200.00  

                                    Angled side with extra pouch                          £150.00             From £230.00

                                    Angled side with baldrick belt                          £165.00             From £245.00

                                    Holster & pouch. Left or right hand                    £120.00             From £180.00  

                                   ‘Victorian’ style. (for longbow)                           £120.00              From £200.00  

 If you have your own design I can usually make it if you have a clear drawing or pattern.

ARMGUARDS                   Small                                                        £40.00              From £80.00  

Lace or strap                     Medium                                                    £45.00               From £85.00  

                                        Large                                                        £49.00               From £89.00  

                                        Extra large                                                £52.00               From £92.00  

                                       Child’s                                                       £18.50               From £58.50  

SCORE PAD HOLDER                                                                       £35.00               From £65.00  

BELT POUCH                                                                                   £70.00               From £125.00  

BELTS                             1¨ wide                                                      £40.00

Supplied with plain             1¼¨                                                          £44.00

brass buckle                    1½¨                                                           £49.00

                                       1¾¨                                                           £55.00

                                       2¨                                                              £60.00

KNIFE SHEATHS              Machine stitched                              From £45.00                From £85.00  

                                       Hand stitched                                   From £65.00                From £115.00  

KEY CASES                     Embossed                                                 £15.00

KEY RING FOBS              Embossed                                                 £4.00

MONOGRAMMING           Embossed initials                       Each £2.00. Carved initials   From £25.00  

HAND BAGS                    Carving to your own design                 From £200.00  


ROUND Thin (1.5mm)                          £1.50 per meter

 Medium (2mm)                                   £2.00 per meter

 Thick (3mm)                                       £2.50 per meter

FLAT Narrow  (3mm)                            £1.50 per meter

 Wide (6.5mm)                                     £2.00 per meter


LONGBOW BAGS Wool.        Will fit up to 6’8” bows.  £25.00




Orders by phone or email.



Special Delivery

Up to 1 doz £11.95

Up to 2 doz £15.00

Up to 3 doz £16.50

Up to 4 doz £18.00

Over 4 doz  Price on application.

Or by Hermes…which is a lot cheaper, but takes longer.


Rates are shown for first class special delivery (insured), including postage and packing.

Order’s under £30 can be sent proof of posting.

Please ask if not sure.

 Most major credit and debit cards accepted.

Visa, Mastercard & Maestro accepted by phone.

I DON’T TAKE American Express

PayPal available.

Due to the massive fluctuation with the American Dollar and the Euro, these prices will change without notice.

Prices in this list are correct on day of publication but will change without notice. E & OE.


Before visiting, please phone for information on opening times. 01932 865181 or 07957 276892

Normal opening hours are most weekdays 2pm to 6/7pm plus some Saturdays. I can sometimes be open in the morning – please phone to arrange. Not open Monday’s.

The kettle is always on, but please bring your own biscuits – no nutty ones thanks! (Or Hob Nobs-I’m s***k of them)!!


For matching arrows to you and your bow, I have a large selection of spined arrows, which you can try out on my 20yard outdoor range.

I am quite happy for you to bring any make of Longbow, Flatbow, recurve or Primitive bow to take advantage of this service.

However, Please Note: I charge £35 for this service unless you are purchasing a bow from me.

If you need tuition please see below.

RANGE HIRE:  You may use the range for £10.00 per hour per person (max. 3 people) for practice. You may hire a bow and arrows for £10.00 per hour per person (max 3 people). Please book/phone in advance, in case I am teaching.

Wooden arrows only. NO bodkins or broadheads


Going through a ‘sticky patch’? (We’ve all been there)!  Why not have an hour of tuition and lose

those bad habits!

One to one £49.00 per hour

Two to one £79.00 per hour

You may bring your own bow for tuition.

Please Note: DO NOT buy a bow that is too heavy for you to draw with ease.

 If you are a beginner, I will supply all you need. It is NOT necessary to buy a bow for your lesson.


NB. There is an automatic gate at the beginning of the drive. It is quite slow so be patient.

Speed limit 5 MILES PER HOUR!


It isn’t possible to buy a bow and expect untried arrows to suit how you shoot. It is far better to try many different combinations to see which suit YOU.

Buying arrows from the ‘web’, however pretty they may look, cannot guarantee they will shoot properly, or safely. Far better to take the time to come and have your arrows matched to how you shoot, here at my workshop.

At least you won’t go home with arrows that don’t shoot properly/straight! And you can see how it’s done!

Although I am quite happy to make arrows for you, do please make your own. (I’ll show you how). I’ve been making them for over thirty years, and it is getting a bit, sort of, tedious!!!