Three fletch Jig.

With its ½" arrow slot and the spacer wheel, this jig fits all arrow diameters from the smallest to mediæval.

The easiest three fletch jig you’ll have ever used!

The Carol Tri-Jig puts all three feathers on your arrow at the same time.

The Spacer wheel keeps all diameters of arrow shaft in the centre, so on  the smaller arrows the fletchings are perfectly aligned.

The feather clamps are simple to use and hold the fletchings firmly in place.

The Jig can be placed flat while fitting the feather clamps into their slides. It can then be stood on end and takes up very little space whilst the glue dries.

The Jig comes with one set of clamps with the other clamp sets available to purchase separately.

 I have straight clamps, 3° offset clamps and the NEW helical clamps which, hopefully, will be available soon. (Right wing to start with.)


The Carol Jig can also be used for six fletch ‘flu-flus’. Afix the first three feathers, turn the arrow around 180° on the nock holder and apply the second three. They go exactly between the first three.

The Carol Tri-Jig comes in two different lengths.

Price with straight clamps:-

SMALL, for fletchings up to 5½"….£74…. With off-set clamps £80

LARGE, for fletchings up to 9"….£84

Spare Clamps sets:-

Straight for small jig….£37.50

Straight for large jig….£47.50

Off-set for small jig….£47

Based on an original design by the late Ron Palmer, Bowyer ‘Extraordinaire’, Ron bequeathed his idea to me and I re-designed it into the Carol Tri-Jig.

With the body and clamps now made from aluminium the jig is robust and easy to use. It takes arrow shaft sizes from 732" to ½".

If wanted I can have the arrow slot made larger to fit oversized shafts.

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To open the clamps, press to the side of the spring-clip(s).

DO NOT pull the clamps apart at the bottom or you will loose the bearings and the clamp won’t work!!!!!!!


Four fletch can also be applied. Put the two side/hen feathers on without a cock feather, turn the arrow around 180° on the nock holder and repeat.

Tri jig for medieval style crossbow bolts

Up to 4” feathers £74

Up to 5” feathers £80

Up to 6½” feathers £84