I take groups on a field archery experience near Guildford, Surrey,

and Romsey, Hampshire

Groups and corporate ½ days can be organised. Groups are £66 per person with a minimum of four (or £264), up to a maximum of twelve participants.

No special clothing is needed, although stout shoes or boots and clothing that is not too ‘baggy’ is recommended. All the archery equipment is included.

Sessions last around 3½ to 4 hours, Scores are taken on individual score cards, and a mini competition is held.

Tea, coffee and biscuits are provided, to ‘calm the nerves’ after that initial go at the practice targets! And don’t panic…I don’t shout at you!…Often!

A group of ‘anti-natal(!)’ Dad’s enjoying a day out in deepest Surrey, with ‘wild boar’ on the menu!

Yes! There really is a target down there!

These guys had never shot a bow before. Yet they look like they’ve been doing it for years. (Shooting that is!)

They are using traditional English Longbows, which are available by special request. I usually use ‘modern’ recurve bows for these events, but I always use traditional wooden arrows fletched with turkey feathers.

I only teach one, or at the most two, at a time when giving instruction at my range, otherwise too much time is wasted ‘chatting’(!) And not enough learning to shoot a bow!

You will be competent and safe after your hour.

Please; always turn off your mobile phone!


Over the last 30 years I have won many medals shooting the English Longbow, including the NFAS national champs many times.

I also came second in the IFAA World champs, while shooting my 28lb English Longbow against modern glass or carbon backed American Flat Bows.

 I have a lot of knowledge that I am more than willing to pass on to the beginner and also to the more experienced archer, especially when things are going a bit ‘pear-shaped’.

I do individual tuition so why not give archery a try?


I do English Longbow archery lessons for beginners, and ‘top-ups’ for the more experienced, at my workshop range. As a beginner there is no need to purchase any equipment before you come…I supply the bows, arrows, armguards and tabs (finger guards).

I also teach American Longbow (AFB), ‘primitive’ and recurve (HT).

Just wear clothing that is not too ‘baggy’ and you’re set for some fun.

Lessons are £45 per hour for one and £70 for two. (Adults and Kids!)

(Gift vouchers available)

Shooting on my range with a Korean thumb ring.

Something I am learning myself so I can pass on more knowledge in the near future.

Below is a series of photos showing me shooting the traditional technique of ‘Mediterranean  loose’, where the hand is brought to the side of the face.

(Photo’s by David Highfield)

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Age? 81 year old Dolly (my Mum) shooting on my range a few years ago.

Synchronised Archery for these ‘old hands’!

First lesson…and already looking good!

A parent or guardian MUST be present at all times, with children.

So, if you are sitting around waiting, why not join in? You know you’ll want to…really…and if your child wants to join a club the likely-hood is that you will need to shoot as well, to be able to accompany them.

Clubs are not child minders, so a parent/guardian MUST accompany anyone under the age of 18.

Most kids under 10 have very little concentration span, so often ½ an hour is plenty.

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