Bits and Books

 December 2017-Page STILL under construction! But I’m working on it!

New: coloured threads for your mediæval arrows

Horn inserts for your mediæval arrows

Belt pouch must have:

Boxed Beeswax/Resin for your bowstring

Small £5.50 Large £8

Small refill £3.00

Large refill £4.50

Leather rubbing strip £2

Unboxed Large £4.50


A ‘Must Have’ for your bookcase.

How to make arrows strings and traditional bows.



Lots of longbow-bags.


These are made from wool, so will breathe and keep your bow safe.

Lots of new colours in Brownells Dacron B50

£10.75 per spool

Open ended three-ply ‘laid-in’ strings from £20

Double looped three-ply ‘laid-in’ strings from £25.00

(‘Laid-in’ is where the loops are twisted in like a rope)

Making your own Mediæval arrows?

Good thin thread (not cotton it breaks) in lots of colours.

£7 per reel.

Horn slices 60p each

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